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how to innovate and get a good idea
Step by Step Founder Building

What is a good company-business

How does a Founder build a company-business

Startup is full time hard knock, the blunder years, and ultimate learning

Three essential pictures to guide a startup effort

How is startup different from a job or business

When you startup, you talk about money and value

Critical checklist of your idea strength

Critical checklist of your readiness

A company means two people

A business-company means regular frequent sales

People really don;t need anything new, but ...

Design a path to business company from an idea

Design a path to business company from an object

Never do small chance things when you startup

If you can not create, stick with a job

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Founder. Guaranteed.

May your difficult journey of startup be filled with learning and satisfaction, and eventual glorious exit.  Contact us to help evaluate your idea, evaluate your PPT BP pitch, perform BP auditing for you, and help you with marketing plan refinement.


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