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Business Model and Exit Suggestions

Teensharks BAIFI engine: Failure Intelligence and Business Artificial Intelligence

A sandbox to help you think about and improve your ideas ... and guide actions.

About you

What do you want

to know?


About your business

journey experience

About funds to start

About current status

of demonstration

Your knowledge of market where your sales are made or value provided

My idea or concept is this ...

I prefer not to tell my idea on internet ...

My customer/buys are:

I prefer not to tell my customer choice but I have it ...

I offer my customers/beneficiaries/buyers this product:

I prefer not to tell my offering on internet ...

I can not translate my idea to a product ...

People already paid me for my offering with cash and potential for my profit ...


The business of helping people is very competitive.  Let's see how prepared are you.  Please check all boxes.

I know the audience

I know what value to give them

I have a team ready

We know how to make profit.

List of business design and business ideas that you may fit into

waiting for input

Finishing startup.  Exit models you may consider

Startup mode, waitint for input

Suggested Actions

Suggesting action ... waiting for input

To prepare for a startup takes time.  Preparing is like getting ready for the holiday dinner with you being the master Chef.  You need to hurry, and then you need to wait.  You need to prepare for the ingredients.

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