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A safe practice drill

Startup first time is hard struggle. If you have a job you may want to do a side project as a practice. Here are some suggestions.

Industry category


Inspired by past successful examples ...

Startup is hard. You ust practice, drill, before you launch.

How the model works

Identify an area where you can build. List all items. Identify a business that has large user base and is trendy. For example, you are into arts and T-shirts selling is trendy on social network sites. Analyze the ecosystem and identify a business concept. For example, perhaps contributing unique digital arts for people or help T-shirt sellers get design.

How does become ecosystem?

You want to go through the drill of product making, funnel and customer lead in, marketing, pricing in a low budget, safe way. Make a product that is already hot, don't invent new. Or you can contribute a review article that is 2 to 5 times better than an existing one (don't invent new one and waiting to be found.)

How you can copy/expand it

Barrier for competitors

None, it is a practice run.

Expansion or exit strategy

Startup type


Investment requirements:

Low, 1000 dollars max.


For clarity and beyond.  Here is a list of Movies Entrepreneurs Must Watch, A list of videos for startup veteran straight talk, and a list of Startup: Biggest Book blogs.  We guarantee you clarity and clicking.

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