Automatic landing page design

Landing page is important for small business. Many new small business would spring up after the COVID 19 lock down. They can use and learn WIX but the process is very fragmented. Make a tool where the design, information, brand, SEO, logo and everything comes together and charge 200 dollars for each job.

Industry category


Inspired by past successful examples ...

Basically, automate some business for some people who are not technically up to speed. There is a jungle out there for website design - they should be automated and standardized and given cost benefits. The business is large and could be recurring. Basically, follow the footsteps of wix and do it even more automation. You need to team up with a technical person to do this.

How the model works

Fast low price. You get a lot of orders to make up for the slim margin. Lose money on operations for 2 years and wait for people to buy you.

How does become ecosystem?

A platform above the WIX layer, for a low cost than what is advertised on Google for website design.

How you can copy/expand it


Barrier for competitors

After 1 year, you can be safe forever.

Expansion or exit strategy


Startup type


Investment requirements:



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