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Blue Apron style meal kits for seniors

Senior population is growing and you can build a channel to access that market. Examples include Blue Apron. It is a eating experience, not just food.

Industry category


Inspired by past successful examples ...

Blue Apron

How the model works

For example, Blue Apron Inc. is an American ingredient-and-recipe meal kit service. It exclusively operates in the United States. The weekly boxes contain ingredients and also include suggested recipes that must be cooked by hand by the customer using the pre-ordered ingredients. The start to IPO was five years. It is "food entertainment and food healthy/fun". It is currently more expensive than home cooking but has varieties.

How does become ecosystem?

This idea may have competition, but the concept is disruptive.

How you can copy/expand it

Grow into variety. It is a store and it is entertainment.

Barrier for competitors

It is service based, so if you can provide quality service with empathy and management it is hard to beat.

Expansion or exit strategy

Grow into variety. It is a store and it is entertainment.

Startup type


Investment requirements:

Moderate to high customer acquisition costs


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