Build an integrated circuit design house and build AI-enhanced chips

Integrated circuits are everywhere. They are MCU contorllers or small logic units in weight scales. Make a AI design house that use AI to break out new functions on existing chip sets. Insert AI IP blocks and specialize in IP blocks. File for patents.

Industry category

Technology industry

Inspired by past successful examples ...

Have a 3 member team and start to make AI technoogy into chips. Don't use VC funding if possible, each batch run takes half million dollars. Identify an idea to start (e.g., weight scale control chips). The chips you are trying to replace should have reasonably high price to startup so you have price space to compete. The volumes are all enormous if you can make it. Design the chips and manufacture in foundries and market through vendors. Examples include Marvell and nVidia. Get the best technology person and spend 1-2 million dollars to roll out. Eventually, every chips will be remade with AI blocks. An IP is a chip term for functional blocks.

How the model works

Build a company and expand, scale. Sell the company or IPO.

How does become ecosystem?

No one would mind that you exist

How you can copy/expand it

Scaling to other chips, or innovate.

Barrier for competitors

Once you build it the barrier is high.

Expansion or exit strategy

Scaling to other chips, or innovate.

Startup type

Team of market and technology

Investment requirements:



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