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Find a company and replicate in another country

Find a company in the top startup companies and replicate it in your country. For example, many models can be replicated, such as America Got Talents/England Got Talent/China got talent. Legal zoom can be used in US, UK and Germany.

Industry category


Inspired by past successful examples ...

LegalZoom model can be transferred, and Starbucks was copying French/Italian cafes.

How the model works

Build and sell, or build and run. You can look up newly IPOed companies in different markets and copy it to your country. Examples include Blue Apron, Legal Zoom, Costco, etc.

How does become ecosystem?

Deal with local issues

How you can copy/expand it

Barrier for competitors


Expansion or exit strategy

Startup type


Investment requirements:



For clarity and beyond.  Here is a list of Movies Entrepreneurs Must Watch, A list of videos for startup veteran straight talk, and a list of Startup: Biggest Book blogs.  We guarantee you clarity and clicking.

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