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Good local business ideas

Local business are conducted locally. You avoid national competition and it is suitable for individuals with low cash reserve but loves to work. A list include: (1) a family restaurant with sandwich and ice cream; (2) a roof/glass maintenance company; (3) a fence maker. These command decent compensation, is proven model, and has barriers. For restaurant, you need to work hard. For roof company, dangerous. For fence maker, it is for every home and work intensive.

Industry category


Inspired by past successful examples ...

Any local favorite sandwich restaurants, bagel shops, roof repair company have busy work. Roofing and fence making has descent margin.

How the model works

Operate it or expand it.

How does become ecosystem?

You will be in demand after a year.

How you can copy/expand it

Barrier for competitors


Expansion or exit strategy

Startup type

Solo or group

Investment requirements:

Low, 10-100k dollars


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