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Provider multiple platforms for endeavors mentioned in previous idea. Write codes for making platform companies.

Become the mother of all goose of platform companies that local news papers are based on.

Industry category

Technology industry.

Inspired by past successful examples ...

How the model works

Charge fees for using your proprietary systems. Charge fees to attract transactions. Be generous to attract more.

How does become ecosystem?

Everyone likes you. Eventually investors would also like you and pay your fat salary.

How you can copy/expand it

It is a job for life with passive income for 10 years.

Barrier for competitors

After day 30, you have no competition.

Expansion or exit strategy

It is a job for life with passive income for 10 years.

Startup type

Solo LLC

Investment requirements:



For clarity and beyond.  Here is a list of Movies Entrepreneurs Must Watch, A list of videos for startup veteran straight talk, and a list of Startup: Biggest Book blogs.  We guarantee you clarity and clicking.

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