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Renew OLD business with new trend. Do this exercise. Identify a new growing trend. Find a segment or link. Find a tool that can cater to them but is old, and make a dedicated new offer.

There are too many examples. Microsoft took IBM's business. Yahoo took Yellowpage's business. Yelp took Yahoo's business. The biggest societal trends are gig jobs and AI automation. The smaller trends are influencer marketing. New ecosystems are forming, be the tool shop in the new forest. Analyze the supply chain and build a shop.

Industry category

Tool industry

Inspired by past successful examples ...

To have a business, don't invent a product, reinvent a business. For example, a side hustle economy is forming. Many people would need account payment and billing services. Many people would want leads. Many people would want customer service options so they can free themselves to do other things. People would want marketing automation. These are all opportunities.

How the model works

How does become ecosystem?

How you can copy/expand it

Barrier for competitors

Expansion or exit strategy

Startup type


Investment requirements:



For clarity and beyond.  Here is a list of Movies Entrepreneurs Must Watch, A list of videos for startup veteran straight talk, and a list of Startup: Biggest Book blogs.  We guarantee you clarity and clicking.

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