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Replicate the model of online petstore is an online pet store that was founded in 2011 and IPOed in 2019 after Petsmart bought it for 3.5 billion dollars. It used high touch customer service with cloud computing logistics and 24/7 customer service to lure recurring pets parents. It fits the life style of millennials. This is very capital heavy, but could be replicated in several countries.

Industry category

Pet industry

Inspired by past successful examples ...

How the model works

Build the company and sell it, or extend to brick-and-motar operations.

How does become ecosystem?

Customers can reliably get the pet favorite store they want, so both customers and the pet owners like it. Logistics is difficult.

How you can copy/expand it

Offline to online

Barrier for competitors

High, very few people would believe it. But there is recurring business here.

Expansion or exit strategy

Offline to online

Startup type


Investment requirements:



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