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Teach. Teach initial coding, data analytics and REACT JS, or wix

Teaching will be big business. It used to be only schools and colleges teach as a business, now everyone can. Develop a class and get benefits.

Industry category


Inspired by past successful examples ...

Khan academy, Udemy.

How the model works

Teaching at a local level first and then expand your brand or operations. Develop a good class module on online platforms - see what is popular and follow that with an offering. Rent some space locally and offer "Entry level hands on one-to-one demonstration". You can charge as much as you like. Promise fast clicking. You can use any computer with web connection. Eventually if you rent a space for 3000 dollars and charges 100 dollars each, you should be able to have one customer in a day to at least break even.

How does become ecosystem?

A niche population such as seniors and youngsters would love to pay someone something so they are forced to focus.

How you can copy/expand it

Expand, or stay local.

Barrier for competitors

Medium, it requires business and knowledge and willingness to work hard.

Expansion or exit strategy

Expand, or stay local.

Startup type


Investment requirements:



For clarity and beyond.  Here is a list of Movies Entrepreneurs Must Watch, A list of videos for startup veteran straight talk, and a list of Startup: Biggest Book blogs.  We guarantee you clarity and clicking.

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