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Wiring harness manufacturing

Make and reproduce wiring harnesses for secondary popular cars, marine vehicles, and light aircraft.

Industry category


Inspired by past successful examples ...

TE Connectivity is a global leader of connectors.

How the model works

you'd make money hand over fist fabricating and re-producing wiring harnesses for secondary popular cars (example : 1969 Camaro they make them for, the 1971 Duster, they do not. You have to get a generic painless wiring system). Supercars are another market that would benefit greatly. Example, price out an engine bay harness for a 355 Ferrari and the like.

Secondly, light aircraft is HUGE. Big demand and high dollars if you can work with the complexity. Cessna 172 and 206 alone will keep you busy.

Lastly, marine/boats. Marine is a game of how long it takes things to rot away, not if. Constant repeat business with a lot of these things.

Wiring harnesses, man...... wiring harnesses. Nobody really does it. If they do, they don't do it terribly well for the above mentioned. WHEN they do, the money spent on it is astronomical and people happily pay it.

How does become ecosystem?

You will find a good position in an ecosystem.

How you can copy/expand it

Operate or sell the business.

Barrier for competitors


Expansion or exit strategy

Operate or sell the business.

Startup type


Investment requirements:

Moderate, 100K


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