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Crazy idea: catch litter-er with street camera

Someone suggested solving the street littering problem - using a camera to catch litters and apply a fine. Is this a good idea?

Crazy idea: catch litter-er with street camera

The idea: reduce littering in public spaces (streets, parks, beaches) by automatically detecting the act and fining the perpetrator.
This will be done by analyzing video streams from static cameras. Once a person is detected throwing trash, they will be sent a message notifying them of what they did, the fine they owe and footage of them doing so as proof.

Besides the immediate benefit of a cleaner environment, I could ask authorities for a percentage of the fine paid to them, as this will greatly increase the "fining throughput".

What am I asking:

Will you be interested in such a system to be deployed in some public places where you live?

Does this raise any concerns of privacy?

I am not asking about technological feasibility. If you think this is impossible / too expensive / etc, I appreciate the concern, but I would like feedback about the questions above.

The world has too many problems. Not all problems can be solved. Not all problems need to be solved. The biggest issue of THIS idea, is the answer to this question "would someone die if you don't do this and would the person who might die pay". The answer is No and No. So move on to next idea. (Unless the government decide to jail litter offenders for 2 years sentence)

George Westinghouse was making a train brake invention. No one wants it. The train brake people has dangerous job, and might die on the job. But no one cared.

Let's say you want to do this in China. How do you make it feasible? well, you don't make the CCD cameras and you don't install them. So you can go ask a leading company in this field to add a "AI track throwing module" and catch the garbage in mid air before it landed with a drone flyer.

Now it sounds like Minority Report. In any country other than China,

There are millions of ideas like this. I can catch if an old man is walking and decide if the person's moving speed would indicate any medical problem. I can install one in a restaurant and instantly order based on the person's eye track movement. I can take a picture of a street and decide who is not wearing comfortable shoes, and send a shoe buying coupon to that person's cell phone. And so on. Most are not feasible, and no one cares.

The heart of business is do things people care enough to pay.

As an idea, this may lack originality and has virtually no barrier of entry. There are no PESTEL elements.
The idea also has originality issues, has protection issues, and has no barrier of entry. If the law is changed, video camera companies would do this in a heart beat, so it is an idea that has nothing to do with you (unless you own a video camera company).

The key to implement it is to compel the implementation of this technology, and then be the beneficiary of the law change, monetize from this campaign, and stop others from copying you. As such, this is a problem that does not need to be solved, but you have to change the perception. It will take a lot of capital.

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