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MVP lottery approaching meeting road bocks

Here are some actual conversations on actual Reddit subs that discusses the issues of MVP making, validation, and funding.

MVP lottery approaching meeting road bocks

I have a business plan, I have proof of concept, I have web designs, and a fully functional SaaS, and now I need money to scale and reach out. Where do I go?
I believe I can scale this up on my own, and can get it on it's feet, but I think this project could go very, very far if I had some external funding. Who do I go to? I have no mentors or anything, doing this completely on my own so far.

How do I find people to interview for problem validation?

In the past, I would have just approached people in public. With COVID people are understandably not very interested in engaging with strangers. I'm wondering how others are dealing with this? Is my only option to pay for surveys? I just feel that being able to slightly alter my questions based on their answers, which can only be done in person, provides much better information than a survey does.

Really having hard time to engage with my target audience

I have a hunch of a problem in auto repair industry and i wanted to do a real time validation with auto shop owners or auto mechanics. I cold called some people, and almost all of them said they are busy. I tried to go to a local auto parts store to setup a questionnaire/survey campaign and they say i have to talk to corporate people (not really accessible). I feel stuck, how do i reach out to the auto repair shop owners community? any ideas / suggestions?

Well here is how it went
ME : " hello, i am software engineer trying to validate a business idea that would help auto repair shops, if you have 5 minutes i would like to ask you few questions"
Response 1: "I am busy right now, call later"
( i did call later twice to understand they are being nice in telling me to not call)
Response 2: "Not interested"
Response 3: "Boss is not here"

Depends on the customer group. In the end as part of the early process for a problem validation you need to not only validate that there is a big enough problem, but also that you have a way to reac the people who have this problem. If you cannot reach them, then them having a big problem doesn't really matter.

Depends on what type of problem it is and how obvious the problem is. If it is a small problem in a typically tight nit community, such as the firearm community, going on public forums and discussing it there would be very beneficial. Or if it is a well known problem among your target audience, it would be more of trying to figure out how acceptable your solution is to them. Again, public forums where your target group hangs around are a great starting place IMO.

Do not assume that people have problems, do not assume. Do not assume they will pay.

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Assignment 1

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