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Is the problem solvable?
Why isn't it growing?  How do I improve it?
How to measure an idea with no feedback?
How Jen-Hsun Huang started nVidia against all odds.
First six month of nVidia - approach success slowly and calmly.
Don't solve problems for mysterious strangers.  You will be surprised how many founders journey end before a single user was signed up.  Get someone to use it quickly.
MVP and startup is a gut hypothesis.  It should take less than a month to build.  You want to know if the MVP evoke feelings.  It must be effective. You need to talk and be the user. 
What exactly is a business? the relation of value, scale and company health.
The startup dive chart - what happens AFTER you launch? The three mile stones of a startup - sale validation (value proposition validation), profit realization, and scaling revenue.

When you have an idea, is it a good idea? is there a way you can make a business out of it?  what do you need to flesh out the idea and make it interesting for others or the general public?  Use the startup bingo eleven point inspection system.

How to stop being an "idea man" and starting to make impact: Build, and fail.

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