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Teen Sharks Startup School

The Destination for learning how to startup a business.

Step by step, we teach you how to found a company.

Are you founder material?

You give unique value, and then people tip you (pay price).

Do only fat industry.  Do only frequent transactions.

Choose carefully, choose once, then never stop

Startup is not doing A THING in life.  It is only life business.

A founder is chief builder, not the idea man.

Startup is not a play

Money is the fuel of dreams ... talk about it

Reading is not learning. Doing is learning.

Are you ready to let yourself fail and focus on one only?

Dream of one is fantasy. Dream of two is reality.

A company is a node cash flows through. Any company is a life work.

People really don;t need anything new, but ...

Start, fail, learn, choose, build, collect cash

Building it and no one will come ... until ...

If it is not changing everyone's life, don't do it

Let go of yourself, and the truth will find you

Books Recommendations

The hard thing about hard things

They built America

Founders at work

COVID 19 influence on startup business

How to design a startup business idea

Startup book central

Navigator books

Step-by-step books

Resource Modules

TeenSharks provide free teaching resources for startup and entrepreneurship.  The site include teaching videos, books, quizzes, and other educational materials.  TeenSharks believes startup is not based on clever thinking and chance guessing.  In the following you will find The Red Book of Startup (Startup 101), How to Design a Startup Business Idea, Startup Quotes, and pictorial diagrams that can be used freely for teaching.

Startup Diagrams

Pictorial diagrams illustrated various concepts of startup and business building.

Startup Quotes

Critical quotes related to startup, entrepreneurship, life, and business.

Business design (BD lab)

Home site of "how to design a startup business idea" by Chang Liu.

TeenSharks social media presence

Links to social media pages of Teen Sharks.


and Drills

Copyrighted materials for teaching and practicing entrepreneurship skills.

Links to online resources

Links to various online resources and news.


Startup 101 Makes Me Get Rid of Fantasies and Focus on Great Business.

Jason Strauss
CEO of ML Associates


Founder. Guaranteed.

May your difficult journey of startup be filled with learning and satisfaction, and eventual glorious exit.  Contact us to help evaluate your idea, evaluate your PPT BP pitch, perform BP auditing for you, and help you with marketing plan refinement.

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