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Table of Contents

My journey
Entering the business world
Lesson from my journey

Chapter 1 Starting your company


A business must create value
Choosing your business model
Build out rapidly to significant revenue
Pick your niche and grow over time
Lower risk
Prepare well
Start with a prototype business
Acquired the right amount of Capital at the right time
Focus on execution
Plan for an early acquisition
In Short
Becoming an entrepreneur
Adopt the proper attitude
Take an interest in learning and branding
Manage project successfully
Build relationships and reputation

Chapter 2 Finding the big idea

What makes a good idea
Make business sense
Appeals to our natural sense
Offers you capabilities
Serve a sizable market
Leads to related products
Red Flags
Tough business
Revenue difficult to scale
Products with negative feelings
Identifying good ideas
Prospect in your area of expertise
Extrapolate what you know
Enter a different field
Evaluating those good ideas
Do your homework
Pursue business concepts, not ideas
Verify assumptions
Uncover the underlying motivations of customer's
Draw analogy's
Trust your instincts
In Short
Want to expect in difficult initiatives
Industrial products
Components versus subsystems
Scientific instruments
Consumer products

Chapters 3 Gearing up


Prepare Long before you start
Avoid legal encumbrance
Take care of your families needs
Writing the business plan
Planning tool
Skating tool selling tool
Forming an effective organization
Assemble a balanced team
No compromises on hiring
Picking directors and advisers
Determining fair compensations and equity
Setting up the business entity
In short
What to know about business plans

Executive summary
Vision and mission
Products and service
The funding team
Technology and product development
Marketing marketing
Risk factors
Supporting materials you need
Care of the business plan an example

Chapter 4 Acquiring your financing
Lessons from a startup
Finding investors who brings more than money
Picking your investors
Look for investors in your space
Investors with resources compatible with scale of your needs
Investors you can work with
Investors was fine reputations
Nuts and bolts of raising money
Approach investors from their perspective
Determining the size of the round an evaluation
Keep momentums in close
In short
Understanding funding sources and you investors
Venture capital funds
Corporate venture fence
Alternative funding sources
Your own money

What I look for in a prospective entrepreneur
My concerns

Chapter 5 Getting underway

Working with your investors
Establishing the operations
Operating procedures
Effective management information systems
Winning team
Capitalizing external resources
Key issues in product development
Key issues in manufacturing
Key issues in marketing and sales
Key issues in financial management
In Short

Chapter 6 Building an organization that works
The self actualizing organization
It is all about people
Consider aptitude and attitude
New employees have to learn company ways
Develop leaders across the organization organization
Leaders protect and lead
Maintain corporate Core values
Parting is a last resort
In short
Analyzing Maslow's hierarchy of needs
Hiring for an effective organization

Chapter 7 Marketing and sales

Role of marketing
position and brand of business
Create pull in the marketplace
Define products
Determine pricing strategy
Established distribution channels

Forecast sales
Launch new products

Role of sales
Managing marketing and sales
In short
Promoting your product
Digital media
Public media
Paid advertisement
Word of mouth
Designing your promotional material

Chapter 8 Research and development
Functions of R&D
Defining and develop new products
Manage intellectual property
Leveraging the external resource
Technology prospecting
Learning from outside expert
A short
Memo to employees protect our IP

Chapter 9 Manufacturing
Integrating with corporate strategy
Managing for manufacturing effectiveness
Manufacturing strategy
Vertical integration
Manufacturing overseas
The effective manufacturing organization
Manufacturing in-house
Manufacturing capabilities
In short

Chapter 10 Growing your business

Choosing growth strategy
Organic growth
Brand extensions
Forward integration
Diversify into different industries
Grow by acquisition
Managing growth
Changing leadership
Managing multiple business units
In short
Rejuvenating your current business

Chapter 11 Exit and life after
Choose your exit mode
Change of ownership


Your personal life
Your family


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