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The Core of Startup

What startup is, not what you think it is.  Condensed summery from a veterans who have read all the books and practiced every single step.


The Processes

To understand the startup process, you must understand the forces that drives business itself and the innovation process.  Without understanding these, you will always be left hanging in the air.


The Elements and Their Connections

The critical elements of a startup include: SALES, QUALITY, MARKET.  Once you can make quality and have interested buyers in the market, your business is alive and will thrive.  The elements for a long haul company include GROWTH CEILING and MARKET CEILING.  We explore these elements and their contrasts and relations.

Key Elements

Knowledge about Related Things

Startup is a multi-stage, multi-year, multi-faceted experience.  It is learning by failing forward.  It involves understanding many things and having many skills.  The things to understand include human psychology, history, and technology.  The skills to have include soft personal skills, management skills, and fund raising skills.  Business is someone with a dream to change the world willing to make money for doing that.

Startup Toolbox

Here we provide tools and templates for evaluating, choosing, and designing.  We help you evaluate candidates, cofounders, investors, and ideas.  We have you design business model, value proposition, and scaling strategies.

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