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Critic this idea and improve it.

Someone posted on Reddit r/startups this message asking for feedback:

I was thinking about the challenges that will face restaurants and cafes after the lockdown. One of them was the menu as it will be touched by hundereds of people during the day and will propably not get the same hygienic cleaning like other surfaces like tables.

This was the problem, touchless menu in restaurants and cafes where people can view the menu on their mobiles. Some challenges with this solution would be:

- Customers might not want to download an app.
- Hospitality sector is not in a position to invest in apps that might not actually be used.
- Internet connections are not the best inside and having heavy menus with photos might make the experience frustrating as nothing will load in timely manner.

So here is my solution, a QR code to load minimal menu (text based) to reflect the actual menu.

It will be totally FREE, not joining fees, no setup fees and no monthly subscriptions.

Bonus question 1

How do you build the barrier of entry so others can not compete and copy?

Bonus question 2

Find a good name for this project



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