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Engineer an MVP 3D scanner

You and your team of brave inventors are to develop a innovative competition to MatterPort 3D scanner system. You will present a plan for 3000 budget to your boss/director to build an MVP. Investigate MatterPort and its competitors. Study the innovation path of DJI and GoPro. Present your engineering design for a MVP competitor. (There is no need to actually make it due to the short duration of the class). Present all parts that you want to buy. If it is new, present engineering drawings (circuits, code, or AutoCad).

Bonus question 1

Present the feasibility of value proposition, traction, customer targeting, customer acquisition, and competitor retaliation.

Bonus question 2

Make the prototype through a vendor system (Fivrr, or any other prototype services) and develop the budget for making the MVP physically. Estimate cost and time.



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