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I made something and want to know if people will buy

Identify in one sentence "I have made this" and plot a path to identify if your intended audience will indeed buy, and at what price. Remember, this is a plan to find out if people will buy, and it is not a conclusion set in the stones yet.

Bonus question 1

Identify the cost for turning your idea into a product of 10,000 units made. Here the emphasize is not prototypes but actual certified and quality controlled products. Estimate the following costs, if applicable:
1. Operational with 2 employee for two years, cost of rent and salary;
2. Cost of research;
3. Cost of making 10,000 units and obtain bar code, product certification documents and other quality certificates;
4. Cost and time for penetrating into the market;
5. Cost and time for attracting sample population to the market to interact with your product.
6. Based on chance of 10% customer retention, let's estimate the total spending before you can show any investor that this idea is validated in the market.

Bonus question 2


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