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How to design a startup business idea

Home site of the book "How to Design A Startup Business Idea".


Table of Contents

Startup is philosophy practiced hard way    5
Poems     5
Idea is a strange thing    6
Ideation start - focus on five essential elements    8
Relations of Startup, innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, and invention    9
Startup is creating knowhow, not using knowledge    10
Innovation is not thinking, guessing, hoping, or outsmarting.    10
Innovation is not about knowledge. It is about labor and know-how.    10
An idea must be expressed through a product    11
Think out of box, but inside the supply chain    12
Supply Chains are Big and Invisible.    12
There are many many places to start    13
Why you should not be a problem solver    14
An improvement in isolation is not your business.    14
The world only cares about ends, not means. The world does not care about technology, or the improvement of it.    14
Focus - There is a universe in a grain of sand    15
To effect meaningful perpetual change to the world in a person’s lifetime is a big deal.    15
Don’t invent an idea, use one    16
Technology and societal evolutions is source of big ideas.      16
Innovative is natural, not forced    17
Innovation is REPLACING OLD with a new life. Innovation is nature’s renewal.  For an innovation to be used, it must benefits the ecosystem.    17
A good idea is an accepted idea    18
You cann’t be FOR ideas and AGAINST business    19
Business is not about money.  Business is about providing value for revenue.    19
Designing how a startup would end up FIRST     20
Only the best innovation becomes IPO, as the last stage of fund raising from the broadest base - the general public.    20
Top inventors invent the ecosystem from top down    21
A top inventor invents the ecosystem replacement strategy so it provides maximum value to surroundings and accepts large revenue in return.    21
Business model (BM) first, business plan (BP) second    22
A Business Model = A Value Proposition to world and how the world pays you back.    22
A business plan = the business model + plan to establish the model.    22
Investment is NOT income; BP is about steady income    23
Steps of a Start Up    24
Stages of Start Up Life    25
Other Analogies of Startup    26
Hard of hard: learn to fly, AFTER you take the flight    27
Mistakes you make ON THE FLY is the ONLY teacher.    27
Startup is accelerated learning for life    28
A life has no map.  Knowing where you are is much harder than you think.    28
Your life plan and Pre-idea Life    29
Innovation is to live two lives in one, to invest a lifetime of knowledge in one bonfire.      29
Startup is ultimate pursuit of knowledge, science, society, self, value, belief, art, and timing.    29
Evaluation table of an idea    30
Five steps for coming up with BIG ideas    34
Twelve-Point inspection by and investor    36
Those who knows how to create ideas create 10,000 and pick one.  Those in the investing business sees 10,000 cases and fund one.    36
Epilog and Further Reading    37
Straight explanation of startup jargons    38

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