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Business Design Idea Generator

Disclaimer and caution:

Even the smallest of business is hard.  Business is value providing, and cash receiving.  It is the source of life. People fight for business. To successfully GRAB a business is what everyone want, even retired NBA super stars. To build a business takes learning, practice, failing, and choice.  No "get quick by trying" scheme will work, because there are very few good business and good way to make living out there. (See Distance between invention and business).

You need to both dream big and act by focusing on the smallest details.  No one cares what you dream, not even teh investors.  People only cares what the customers search.  Don't provide an itch scratchers. Building a business is harder than qualifying for a high school football team, building a money-making computer game, or going to an Ivy League school for college.  There is no short cuts.  Building business is competition, not a theater elective.

Asking people whether they like it or not sounds easy.  But eventually people vote with their wallet.  Whether peoples pays above your profitable line is the only sign of success.

Starting up requires market knowledge, business knowledge, technical knowledge, and experience hacking skills. Not everyone should startup.  For example, you must like business (money making) and like managing difficult employees.  If you don't create, you can excel at your salaried job.

With that cleared, Let me explain the startup business creation in six diagrams.


In business, you provide value and you get paid. IF you are dealing with the right audience and solving their right problems, you should provide 10 times value than what they pay you.  Value means the customer is getting a HUGE bargain.  The customer must leave your stall happy!  Your company works behind the scene to attach value.  Your company gets cash flow by having a lot of customers.  your company gets rich by repeating the transactions, called scaling. Overtime, your company should grow.  Companies that do not grow become take over targets.

teensharks-nine-stage-startup-model copy

An average person is neither experienced with business or management, not experts of starting up or production. Startup is a personal journey.  This is true to students, fresh graduates, or people who hold salaried jobs for long.  For anyone to become owner of a successful business, you must go through nine steps. A company is not automatically a business.  If you start a company without business, it will eventually wither and die. (If you want a dog, you need to be ready.  Before you startup, you need to be ready. Check your readiness here.)


Like in sports, there are different classes of business, different class of companies, and different levels of founders. There are major leagues and little leagues., there are Google and a street noodle stand.  They are all hard, but the levels are different. The lowest level startup founders are the ones doing it for the first time and without market knowledge.  The lowest level people have ideas and dreams.  The highest level founders think about survival first.

teensharks-diagram-how-to-fail copy.png

It is not easy to formally start.  Once you start, it is still prone to many modes of failures.  Sometimes the failures are just like a level of a computer game - you are first time gamer in a game, you get killed.  Come back again and you won't make the same mistake.  Startup is like that.  The problem is that every level takes extremely long time. Failures are never announced. Learning from others' failures is more important.


Choosing what busienss to start is more important than the efforts.  The main point of this website is to teaching you how to choose.  On the following we will discuss our eight channel startup design path. We all know Thomas Edison, the invenstion hero.  But to make a new product and invention and get rich from it is a very difficult and long road. It is only one of the ways to start.


Startup is like taking rides in a theme park.  The line is long, and the price of entry is high.  But there are different rides, some leads to a big rocket and some to a small one.  You must pick your ride, choose your design, and stay your course after the selection  We will explain different ways to have different kinds of rides.

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