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Idea Hospital

Help us evaluate bad ideas and see how to improve them.

Automatic litter detection

The idea: reduce littering in public spaces (streets, parks, beaches) by automatically detecting the act and fining the perpetrator.

A Social Network for a locality

Someone has an idea to build an APP that allows people to broadcast information to people around you. What do you think? can it survive?

Restaurant reusable straw - is it a good idea?

A reusable straw for the restaurants, where customers pays and part of the money is donated?

Web to identify fish

I have an idea to create a website where you can upload a picture of a fish you caught and it would identify the fish. What should I do?

How do I go about starting a chess related business?

Hey so I want to start a chess website similar to

I made an AI note taking app. It is new.

Someone made an AI note taking APP and can generate summaries from the meeting. How to market it?

I came upon an idea at the gas station yesterday

Yesterday I stopped at a gas station, but I forgot to take the pistol out of the tank when I drove off. Is is possible to have automatic gas stations where no one needs to walk out of the car and the car just get filed?

I have to sell teas online, what do you think?

I was thinking of starting an online tea business and wanted to know your thoughts on this idea.

I want to open a home bakery

I am interested in opening a home bakery ... how much should I price my products?

I finally decide to do my clothing store ... help me with a name.

Hey everyone so I’ve decided to stop being a chicken and pursue this dream to open a clothing store. Except every single name that I’ve thought of is either already a clothing store or is something else or has a website already. I’m stumped. I plan on selling women’s and men’s clothing of all varieties.

Would you want to use a software for left handed people to become right handed?

I have a business idea for an app that helps people become ambidextrous through simple and bite sized lessons. Please let me know what you think of the idea and if you would use it.

Diesel/semi/motorcycle appraisal website

My idea is to create a website that will accurately appraise a diesel truck. I have grew up driving and buying diesel trucks and the market is all over the place with pricing. Websites like KBB do not factor in certain upgrades like exhaust,programmers,etc.

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