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A Social Network for a locality

Someone has an idea to build an APP that allows people to broadcast information to people around you. What do you think? can it survive?

This lockdown has made us realize that sometimes during an emergency the people who can help us might not be in an accessible distance. So what do we do during emergencies? How can we get the work out to the people around us?

To solve this, we created a social networking site for the locality which allows you to BROADCAST your message to people around you. You can request help from people around under various categories, such as asking for medicine, grocery, water, or simply some advice. Moreover, you can do all of this by using an anonymous profile to safeguard your privacy.

We are planning to roll out this platform soon and we would love to get some feedback if possible.

Check out the website here:-

Please help us with feedback so that we can create a platform that is really useful during emergencies.

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