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Dog bandana print on demand business quality issue

I am just starting to do dog bandana business but I am not happy with quality of print on demand. What to do?

I'm just starting out with print on demand dog bandanas and I'm not super happy with how they have come out. I wish I was crafty enough to make them myself but I am not skilled at sewing (I have tried though). Any ideas on how I can get high quality/trendy dog bananas that can have my branded leather logo tag added to them? Example:

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This idea's problems

This is a great idea, reasonably good business prospect, but tough business to get into. You need either money or brand power. If you have a lot of money, you can make quality improvement. If you have brand power, then you can go to a big dog food sellers and ask them to carry it for you.

It is important to take advantage of timing. It is COVID season and society is changing rapidly. If you are a dog owner yourself and knows what people need, then it is possible to print trendy things or make unique products like a LED/bandana as a new flashy product.

In business, avoid this situation, which is very common: One cannot sell what he can make, and can not make what he knows will sell.

You have a quality, cost, brand, and market access issue. If you spend money to make high quality stuff then you can dare to advertise everywhere and this thing will sell like a hot cake. But every entrepreneur eventually falls for one trap: no money to execute.

If you can not take this peak, than you have to be satisfied with the situation now.

Some suggestions on improving it

If you are not rich and is not a dog owner and has no experience making unique bandana, then you are at the mercy of everyone. It is perhaps a bad startup idea, and you must take advantage of timing to break into a market, focus on a line of products and gradually expand.

Thank you for this response!!! Super helpful. I def want to start this out small to test the waters. I’ve done a ton of consumer research (I’m in marketing) and so far ideas seem to have a pretty high demand and a lot of interest. My dog has a ton of followers on IG And TikTok so I will def leverage that. I already have a list of people requesting to be alerted when we go live so I am super excited to get this up and off the ground! It’s tricky because I really want to find a company in the USA that does dog bandanas and will add my branding to it. I have pretty much everything ready to go (website, social media, google AD plan, influencer program) but no product yet. It was been quite the struggle but at least that has been the only issue so far. Do you know of any USA suppliers?

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