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Easy to assemble baby furniture after COVID_19

An idea to make easy to assemble baby furniture items after COVID baby boom

I want to make a baby crib similar to chicco next to me, but making it simpler to assemble and disassemble. The inspiration i have is the doona stroller. I believe that with this pandemic, there will be a baby boom coming. I would love to listen to ideas.

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This idea's problems

Chico has sales net work, you don't.

If you make it, you can sell a few items at cost.

Chico has sales network. They can sell anything, just like you can make anything. They win, because they have spent a lot of time cultivating the network. The key to selling things is not the thing, it is the network.

Some suggestions on improving it

Furniture is fat and big business. No doubt about it. However, the space is not very open. There are cheap ones (IKEA) and there are expensive ones. There are fast ones and there are slow ones. The distribution network is tough to penetrate due to turf issues. Try to study this field in the market place and find out where the pain is. For example, maybe a baby safe lock part is still expensive, and the volume is in the millions a month. You can try to innnovate that baby safe lock part. But again, competitions in Guangdong China are always waiting.
One other thing is to take advantage of technology changes, law changes (e.g., safety laws). Those are not your ideas, those are heavenly presented opportunities for you to take on big and hard working players like Chico, and realize your dream of helping those COVID baby boomers' parents - whom you never met. Presumably.

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