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Flavored rice packets

Tell me if this is a dumb idea. I want to offer flavored seasoned rice.

I eat a lot of rice. It's easy to prepare, stores well and is fairly healthy. However, plain rice is rather boring. So my product idea comes in the form of rice seasoning. It would be packaged very similar to existing individually wrapped bouillon cubes, but would contain different flavour combinations that are well suited to enhancing plain rice. Sold as an attached hanging display (small packaging) directly on the rice section in supermarkets. I've seen products that have pre-portioned rice already flavoured, but have not been able to find commercially, a product as described. Tell me why this wouldn't fly / why someone hasn't already dominated this market.

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This idea's problems

The only thing I can think of apart from well-known Indian and Japanese rice flavorings (and not even considering the toppings available for other asian countries) is making a niche of American flavors or flavors that wouldn’t otherwise be in rice. It’d be nice to have something flavored like Cajun dirty rice or tex-mex rice. Or rice that somehow tasted like a dish. But good luck beating bigger companies from just... executing and marketing the hell out of the idea once they get wind of it. First to market isn’t a good leg to stand on.

Some suggestions on improving it

In the USA it is called Uncle Ben's. It started in 1943. It has two flavors. Cajun and mex. Google MTR rice bhat powder, MTR bisibelebath MTR. Very famous in India. :)

Rice is a staple for billions of people on the planet - do you seriously believe that no one has thought of flavoring it in an easy manner?

Doesn’t matter if anyone has thought of it.

What is far more important is if people are willing to buy it and if there is space in the market for a product like this. I personally haven’t seen this type of product before. Interesting enough to do some market validation imo

I would be shocked if this doesn't already exist, so I suggest you continue looking. However, even if there is nothing else out there, trying to get shelf space in supermarkets outside of your local store will be very difficult. You will also need a supply chain to get the seasonings you need, create the mixes, plus packaging, plus distribution, plus whatever hoops you need to jump through to satisfy the FDA.

You asked to destroy the idea, so there you are. If you're still interested and willing to invest 3-7 years to make it a success I strongly suggest you find and enlist some experts in the field with strong connections. Otherwise, it's going to be an uphill battle every step of the way.

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