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I came upon an idea at the gas station yesterday

Yesterday I stopped at a gas station, but I forgot to take the pistol out of the tank when I drove off. Is is possible to have automatic gas stations where no one needs to walk out of the car and the car just get filed?

You came up to the gas station.

You don’t need to went out of your car and you need to pay only from your phone.

Robot on the gas station will be work automatically.

I never ever seen this before…

Is there automatic gas stations?

I really know how to make it.

Do I need to think about it or I have to get rid of these stupid thoughts????

Quote Mark

This idea's problems

It is a matter of cost, convenience, market acceptance, channel acceptance, promotion, and value provision. Sure it would be convenient and something that would add value to people's lives. But the cost of the technology for the motion sensors and an automatic mechanical refuelling pump would be very expensive. Petrol stations just wouldn't be able to afford this and even if they could it would't be profitable.

Some suggestions on improving it

Your idea is good, it is just about 100 years too early to be widely done, but them we will not use gas cars anymore in 100 years.

You need it to fit the market and channel and value proposition. Maybe a free cup coffee with a auto gas station would appeal to some people. But it only appeals to a small percentage of people, maybe you and me and some people.

Right now, Gas station owners may resist it. The robots will have collisions with old ladies and the medical bills are tremendous. Next time just remember to put the pistol back.

In China, all gas stations are full service stations. Someone came to your window and they ask you how much you want and you pay them with an APP and you go.

Anyways, it is just you walk on the street and saw a beautiful girl. It is not yours, just like this idea is perhaps not yours. So yeah, let's move on to better one.

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