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I finally decide to do my clothing store ... help me with a name.

Hey everyone so I’ve decided to stop being a chicken and pursue this dream to open a clothing store. Except every single name that I’ve thought of is either already a clothing store or is something else or has a website already. I’m stumped. I plan on selling women’s and men’s clothing of all varieties.

Do the following scenario thinking:

who is your customer? people who wants to go to Old Navy or people who buys from Costco?

When they stroll into your physical store (where, how much is monthly rent) or online store or Amazon store, what do they see?

What is your return policy? do you have a lot of items and stock volume, or just a few items?

Do you have a clerk or do you handle the store/purchasing/buying/ordering/shipping all by yourself? if you have a clerk, how much salary? if you don't, how do you do that yourself?

If you can answer these three basic questions, then you already know your name of the store. Otherwise having a great name changes nothing.

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This idea's problems

The steps to open a clothing line is:
Deciding Clothing Products You Want To Sell
Choosing a Clothing Line Business Model
The Elements of A Successful Clothing Brand - niche, design, quality, brand
Focusing on a specific group of people has several major benefits:

Easier to Market
More Affordable
Less Competition
Greater Customer Loyalty
Differentiating Your Clothing Line
Developing a Business Plan for Your Clothing Line
Crafting a Brand for Your Clothing Line
Defining Your Market
Creating Your Brand Pillars
Developing Your Brand Visuals
Product Development Process for Your Clothing Line
Designing Your Clothing Line Concepts
Clothing Manufacturer Research
Contacting Clothing Manufacturers
Screening Potential Factories
Full-Scale Production
Pricing Your Clothing Products
Including Extra Branded Material
Promotions, Discounts & Deals
Creating Your Online Clothing Store
Shipping Strategy for Your Clothing Company
Duty & Customs Fees

Working out of a factory has also given me an upfront view of how many people get into this industry with absolutely no clue what it’s going to take to build a brand that is even remotely successful. Blaming ignorance isn’t entirely fair… we had absolutely no clue how hard it would be either. However, we started Stock with a clear reason of what differentiated us, why people would be interested in buying our stuff, and how we would go about selling. This is a step that I see a lot of aspiring makers skip. – Jim Snediker | Stock Mfg. Co.

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