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I made an AI note taking app. It is new.

Someone made an AI note taking APP and can generate summaries from the meeting. How to market it?

I was having tons of online meetings and I found out that I was wasting a lot of time on note-taking and most of the time the meeting ended without clear objectives or outcomes.

So I have come up with the idea of an AI-powered application for taking notes, giving a summary of the meeting and also adding action points and decision points of the meeting.

Finally, with lots of hard work, we have finally made the 1st version of the product and we are excited to show the product and get the initial feedback. Here is the link for scheduling a FREE demo -

So here are the benefits of this application -

The bot can join any online meeting automatically

The AI takes notes of the entire meeting, finds out the summary of the meeting, and also gives the highlights and action points of the meeting.

Provides a full transcript of the meeting and also the audio playback for each section of the meeting.

And much more....

Anyone interested to see a demo here is the link to schedule a FREE demo -

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This idea's problems

When it is your own needs, you can know that it is real! so go for it. You might be too early and you need to worry about competition, branding, channel issues. As a safe exercise it is good for both programing and marketing.

Some suggestions on improving it

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