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I want to get into the recycling business.

I am thinking about the recycling business. Is it a good idea?

I want to start a recycling business, anyone got any tips or advice or experience?

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This idea's problems

Recycling is a tough business. You are squeezed between up stream and down stream. There are big players that will defend their turf - but it is tough to start and a tough business if you succeed.

Some suggestions on improving it

Yes, and if plastics are a main goal for the OP in his recycling, maybe just maybe the answer might not be in recycling but in these enzymes which break plastic down into their original ingredients, which you can then sell. This is the fascinating area of plastic recycling, IMO.

I am a recycling freak and all I read is that it is a brutally terrible business to be in. Very very little of what we think gets recycled actually gets recycled because recyclers can't sell the product for a decent price....or often, any price.

China used to take them and whole Chinese villages would work on getting the gold out of used PC or repackage plastics and melt them for baby toys (dark colored toys can take light colored plastic wastes but not the bright colored cartoon toys). Well, now China is refusing such junks because their wages are going up ... so.

Fun fact: the recycling industry was created during the bottled beverage & plastic packaging boom as consumers pointed out how wasteful they both were. By placing the responsibility on the consumer to recycle, companies were no longer targeted for the waste created. There is a documentary on this that goes in-depth on how the recycling industry began called Plastic Wars. Check it out!

I am an engineer working in the recycling industry... Believe me, this industry is on its knees. You really need to have a bulletproof plan just to survive

Plastic recycling - wikipedia

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