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I want to open a home bakery

I am interested in opening a home bakery ... how much should I price my products?

So I’m interested in starting a baking business at home and I’ve given desserts out and it all came back with positive feedback but the thing I’m stuck on is pricing my desserts. My family thinks I don’t make enough from it and that I should charge more. I haven’t officially opened yet because I keep on trying to add new things to my menu and just continue recipe testing currently. What do I do about the pricing situation???

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This idea's problems

With only (I'm assuming) one oven/limited space is focus on one product. We have a local coffee shop that has some really delicious cookies that they can charge ~$2 a cookie. They also offer their baking mix and uncooked cookies for sale.

You're not going to be able to compete with low cost desserts so pick one or two (probably not wedding cakes for the foreseeable future) and decide if someone wants an order of another product what amount they need to order.

Some suggestions on improving it

Your family is right on something. It is hard hard business.

If you type your question into google, the first suggestion sometimes is good enough

Many starbucks desserts are are frozen made in California ... you can not beat someone with mass production.

for starbucks, 2 dollar pastry gets people to add to their coffee. So starbucks loses money on the pastry and makes from the coffee. If you are home, making individual ones, serving them fresh - there is basically no chance. Unless ...

Coffee shops have business because they pay curb side rental fees and customers can stream in easily. Your home store won't have any one coming for a long long while. It does not matter how much you charge per crossiant - you just won't sell many. You see people pay landlord rents to have access to customers.

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