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My ecommerce book club idea

I want to put 100-page and less books on my page to attract non-avid readers to read and be transported to the wild west ...

Lately, I have been trying to come up with an e-commerce idea and came across this idea while watching Pawn Stars. A gentleman was selling Dime Novels, which are short western novels that were produced during the Civil War. The concept of these novels was for non-avid readers to still read and be transported to a "new world" through books that were 100 pages or less and easy to carry. Therefore, I was thinking of taking this concept and applying it to my e-commerce site. I would provide books of all genres that are 100 pages or less for sale so customers, including non-avid readers, can still read and be "transported to a new world" to minimize distractions or have a 20-minute break within their busy schedule. I'm also thinking of doing this as subscription-based. Would you purchase this subscription? Would you recommend it to a friend? Thanks for the feedback!

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This idea's problems

Certain thinking are actually wishes. Hence they are called wishful thinking.

You need to consider three questions:

Is this a business? for example, what would the authors of all the book copy right holders get? what if someone copies your idea? (they will).

if it is not a business, it is more like a high school social club. Yes you can organize one anytime, you just have to volunteer a lot of time to it. It will be a "non profit".

When you charge your "members" 1 dollar each, what would they say? how much money is needed to get you to actually look at a member's facial expression and validate your hunch?

Your main issue is plan to "turn the wish into reality".

Ideas are as many as there are galaxies in the universe. The art is to tell which one to fire your rocket engine and point to - since you have only one shot.

Amazon may have your idea but they are just "attracting buyers to their store". It is not profitable, just a lead development program, kinda like a kids story telling time at Barnes Noble.

Hope it helps.

Some suggestions on improving it

Break time book club!

I'd like it as a group thing, like Oprah kinda

Personally I would not use, and for sure a subscription with the genre 'under 100 pages' would not interest me..

But.. could you consider building this idea out and selecting a set of short stories from open source/classic books?

Could you target only Kindle users? - would make things a lot easier..

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