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Restaurant reusable straw - is it a good idea?

A reusable straw for the restaurants, where customers pays and part of the money is donated?

A collapse-able reusable straw with a unique NFC tag built into each case. Each code is linked to a personal profile on a mobile app (Or website to begin with).

Small terminals are found on the drink station next to the disposable straws. Tap your reusable straw on the terminal and collect a virtual token, and the company donates to a environmental charity.


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This idea's problems

Cool idea. Make it and see if it sells. For ideas like this, assume it works and assume it succeeded, and imagine the world with your invention in it. See if it makes sense. if it does make sense, then make it.

If you don't make it, then it is still a good idea but it will forever be in your head.

Shared office failed (wework), shared bike failed (Mobike and OFO), shared umbrella failed Shared battery charger pack is doing "OK-ish" in China, but no profit. So you can extrapolate the potential for profit. Otherwise it is a good idea.

for example, you have an idea for giving anyone who approach your device 1 dollars. And the restaurant owner pays. The restaurant will have some business Can you continue to expect the rest of the story? if you succeed, can you stop copycats? if you don't, can you recoup the cost of development and marketing this thingy?

Say you make 1000 copies of the unit. The development cost say is 50,000 dollars, and each unit has a base cost of 30 dollars (just the micro chip would be worth 20). You are looking at 70ooo dollars of your own money pumped into this, just to pull the slot machine once.

You should also approach this from the value point of view. Who is the audience and what would they value? would be related to anything they are biologically hard wired to appreciate? There are two ideas, one is to add a brand name to it, another is to make it super entertaining.

Some suggestions on improving it

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