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Tiny aquarium with built in display - can it be implemented?

An idea of tiny aquariums for tardigrades with a built-in display that broadcasts microscoped image.

Tardigrades are (according to a quick googling session) easy to find and to take care of. They live long (~2-3 years), are very cute and literally microscopic, without the screen and the microscope the whole aquarium could probably fit in a matchbox. Is this a good idea?

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This idea's problems

This is a fun idea, but not very implementable. The issues are life cycle of the product, cost, startup cost, and distribution. If it becomes a fad, you will have 4 million orders a day ...

Say someone manufactures and you sell those babies. You buy them from the factory at 10 cents each and sell for 100 dollars. Then you need 400 thousand dollars on hand to handle purchasing.

On day two, 1000 competitors would be making the same thing. They all order from the same Chinese supplier that supplies you.

One day 100, everyone is buying another fad already. Order drops to zero.

But you have made millions right? enough for generational money.

The problem with this idea, is that it solves no problem. It is fun fun fun!!!

Check the story of the Crazy Band story, or finger tops. This idea is called "winning a business lottery" - or being strike by a lightening. If you want to design such a thing you typically try 2-30 years in this space and hone your smells.

Some suggestions on improving it

This is not a "must have" item, unless you somehow make it "must have" for kids for that particular year, like Christmas. The analogies are Silly Bandz craze and fidget spinners. It will be copied beyond belief but it may make the original person about 1 month of operation time to get rich.

Or I could just post it on r/startup_ideas and allow those 1000 competitors to flood the market with tardigrade homes without investing neither money nor time. Thus achieving my egoistic goal of that being a thing.

More serious though, even thought it is definitely not a groundbreaking idea, the final product has some potential audience, mainly kids who either show interest towards biology or a too irresponsible to take care of a larger, more sophisticated creature. Tardigrade is a fascinating beast to look at, despite being microscopic it moves very similar to your typical mammal. And as was mentioned in the comments, the aquarium is not necessarily designed specifically for tardigrade alone, you can place any microscopic creature you can find.

As they always say, this is a great idea. No doubt. But why is that YOU can pull it off is the only question. By the way, the cost of Chinese labor making it would be 20 cents for four million orders. Your flood of orders would also flood off four factories in the local area because the factory owners have to hire more workers for your order and after that they would pay huge fines or severence costs for letting those extra hands go.
In China at least, if you let a worker go, you have to pay them three extra month of salary. There is no harmless little idea in the world.

Wikipedia page of Silly Bandz

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