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Web to identify fish

I have an idea to create a website where you can upload a picture of a fish you caught and it would identify the fish. What should I do?

I got the idea from being a member of multiple fishing groups and people consistently asking what the fish they caught was.

It could also be used as a learning tool for kids at aquariums and such.

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This idea's problems

You know, just write it and publish it and everyone would love it. The fact you have competitors only means your idea is not completely off.

If you can write the code from startup to finish on your own, you will take 2-3 months, and some minor fees to put it on iOS app store and android APP store. Then you build the professional version and try to identify animals, humans, etc etc.

So just write the code. Bixby and FishVerify already has been doing this since 2016.

Some suggestions on improving it

irst of all, there is a group of people who might be interested in identify fish, but how is it connected to value? No one will pay you unless compelled. if someone does not the name of a fish, would someone die? would someone lose money? would someone get sad? if so, attack that sector and correct the problem. Don't scratch an itch. Scratching an itch, minor differentiation, solving a problem, etc does not result in "People paying you". As long as there is one person paying, there could be 50K people paying, then you can commission the APP. The key is to design three things:
Whether there is competition or not has absolutely no bearing on what you do. If there is no competition, great. If there is competition, even better. No investor> just learn to write the code and launch it. To make things people will buy, you need to understand why people buy. discusses this aspect.

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