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what if there was a device or object that measured whether or not you were social distancing

What if there was a device or object that measured whether or not you were social distancing. Would it be worthy of pursuing.

I am thinking about a device that monitors social distance between humans. Is this worthy investigating?

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This idea's problems

A brilliant idea of course. This can be easily made but no one makes them. I can tell you why. The paying customer would not receive any value. If the government buys them and assign one to me, that is one thing. If my company buys me one and assign it to me, people would quit their job. If a customer buys one for himself, it is like buying yourself a pair of handcuff to prevent yourself from playing computer games for too long. So basically, great ideas, but because no one will buy them, no one will produce them.

A situation where your idea would be useful is if government issues a new law asking every work place to monitor people's distance. Then you would have customers, and the value is "not violating the law".

For any idea, just think about "ok it is a good idea, of course, but does it makes business sense to execute".

One day if this catches fire, 10000 companies world wide would be producing them in a day, like the masks.

For casual inventors, don't invent something that you don't know the market. Like "where is this going to be bought and sold". If you don't know the answer, or if you have not been insider of that place, don't invent it.

Some suggestions on improving it

This device is too easily replicated. If someone has a factory and network already they could pursue it and make some money, but not for long.

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