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Do I read "Zero to one" or "Lean startup"?

Can I become "startup capable" by reading books? Which ones have you read that you thought was solid gold end to end ? Usually these books talk in a very abstract sense about the business side. These books are just good to get an overall picture of the startup world, but might not be much helpful in coming up with a concrete business plan. I personally feel reading these books might not add much to the table. Based on my knowledge (and not experience), these are usually the main non-product areas which one needs to figure out - Revenue Model, Marketing Strategy, Sales Model, Getting Investment Strategy. You can either focus on developing these skills or hire people with these skills.

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I have read the lean startup and it was a good read when it comes to getting into the mindset of buidling a startup. After talking to a few CEO's based out of Sillicon Valley, I noticed that what is happening is that the lean startup system doesnt work like it used to. With teach developing so quick, the process described in the lean startup is a little outdated. I would recommend reading 'Zero to One' by Peter Theif - CoFounder of PayPal. I think this book is a much better book to read. I would recommend reading this book because it focuses on making sure that any startup you build is a long lasting startup. Then you can read the lean startup after so that you can get an idea of how to go about building a startup.

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Read one and listen to an audio book of the other while doing other things like commuting, exercising etc. You'll get through both in the same time. Word of warning. Business books can often be blog posts expanded with fluff and a million examples. That said, some are solid gold end to end.

I strongly suggest, hold on doing your MVP building activity and start right away, "networking" to find co-founders who "believe" in what you are doing and willing to work as hard as you.

Marketing and product development should work hand in hand. One is NOT superior than other. If you miss one in your composition, however good work you do, there is HIGH possibility it might go to dust.

Whatever books you listed are good books, read them in whatever order you want.

I personally feel that these books provide you just frameworks. If you don't have proper judgement, you will have tough time filling those frameworks. So, I would say, while reading the books, start recruiting a team.

NOTE: Any successful startup is results of TEAM work, NOT one man show.

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May 6, 2020 at 12:53:44 PM

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