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I am final round interview with a startup. What questions do I ask?


I am in the final stage interview for a start-up. They are currently at seed funding stage.

I am intervewing with the co-founders and I would really like some support with ideas on questions to ask :)


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You probably want to balance between too "nosy" and agressive and too "eager", so here is my suggestion. (I interview people a lot for my own company).

You wan to know two things. Is the cofounder sane, and does the company has a long drive.

Ask him "what industry" is this company in, and what is the "marketing" plan. Specifically, ask him "what market are we getting into" and "what pricing room do we have against compeititors and copy cats". That is all. If the guy bullshit you saying "oh we have a billion dollar industry and we are totally going to remake the world", walk out. If the founder has no vision of the market, that means he has never gone into the market himself. You will struggle in that company for two years and then the company will fold.

If the guy answers these two questions right, that company has a future.

Just for fun, you can also throw him a tough question. Say "If I want to work for the first year for free, what do I get?" This question will reveal how seasoned the cofounder is.

Don't ask about money, salary, IP, secrets, etc. Some people come in just to spy on a company , so the cofounder would be careful. Don't ask questions that he/she will have a hard time judging. Ask him basic startup stuff, it also shows you are not a push around.

Other points

Who are the investors?

what the timeline of the seed round?

how much equity you'll have?

what's the vesting timeframe?

how much revenues/customers they have?

what the business model and vision?

Joining an early stage start-up is pretty much investing in it, act as an investor! (I assume you already asked questions about your work)

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May 17, 2020 at 12:32:42 PM

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