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An employee asked me for a raise but I didn't give it to him so he resigned. I really need him now for a project. How can I get him back?

An employee asked me for a raise but I didn't give it to him

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’ve noticed a common pattern amongst companies where I work.

I work there for a while,
I ask for a raise,
They say no, so
I work away while I search for a new job, then
I leave.

Then the calls start. How did I get xyz done?
I refer them to the files I left behind. Everything is documented.
Then three months later I find out they’ve hired 3+ people to do the job I used to do on my own, normally at about my old salary.
My last job they hired 4 people to do my old job.

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This happened with one of my friends who was working in a small company, the company had almost 120–140 employees and had clients in US and India.

He used to work hard and had worked for almost 5 years and was leading a team and handled projects really well, the ceo also knew that he is one of the important employees and ceo used to praise him a lot but the salary he used to get was almost 3–5 lacs less than the market value.

He had talked to ceo and the ceo had promised him about the hike but that never happened. During yearly appriasal, he just got a hike of 60k on his CTC and this pissed him off.

The publishing industry is notorious for low pay, but people accept the relatively low salary and long hours because they love books and want to work with them. When I left the industry, I was making what would have been a low wage in any other industry, compared to my level of expertise, and when my weekly hours were factored in, ~55 hours a week based on a 35 hour work week pay, it was downright crazy low; not much money, a loss of family time in the evening, and a loss of a social life, and an abusive boss.

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August 9, 2021 at 1:01:51 AM

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