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An idea based on using the subway as shipping. How about it?

You know how sometimes you take the subway just to deliver something to your friend or for any business transaction? I thought why not let someone else who has the same destination as you, help you deliver your parcel in exchange for a few dollars.

Basically how this will work is that there will be "e-lockers" set up at every station and people can place their parcel in the lockers. There will be a whole mobile app for this concept that will let people know that there is a parcel to be deliver from station A to station B so that they can go pick it up on the way.

I live in a dense city where the use of the subway is really prominent because cars are just too expensive, so I'm confident that there are people with the same destination at any parcel. But I'm not sure in the whole concept is appealing enough for people to participate in it, or there are too many parcels and too few people to deliver them. I also realised that there are SO many problems that can arise such as people stealing these parcels and I need the government's approval to place the lockers at each station.

I'm not sure if this idea is a realistic one that will be relevant long term. Any idea on how i can make it come to fruition? I'm open to feedback or solutions for problems!

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The way to wrestle with this interesting idea is to think what industry and what people it might provide value. It is first a LOCAL business idea for a city with a lot of subway. It is a way for RAPID delivery, within a hour. It must be delivering something people desperately need otherwise someone would die or get hurt. Think along this vein to refine your idea.

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The idea is great. I would love to go even to the USPS station to pick up my parcel rather than waiting for 2-3 days until it's delivered.

The only risk I see is people stealing packages... If there are many cases where packages are stolen from the front porches, imagine people signing up to your app with a fake/prepaid phone number and email, then just taking a package and run. E.g. with Amazon delivery it's different, because Amazon demands delivery service to be a company like LLC with full responsibility, incl. insurance.

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May 12, 2020 at 2:36:36 PM

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