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Any ideas for a 3D print service name?

My top picks were 3designs or dddesigns but they are already taken :/

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Name is important! Name will eventually becomes your brand. It needs to be 1. hard to forget; 2. easy for strangers to understand what you do; 3. does not create confusion in the market place.
A name of a company, a name of the product (e.g., TigerWise Plier"), the name of a website should all be treated as separate things, in 2020. Web presence is important. The naming ballgame is different from trade marking or company registration. For example, your company name could be "Northwest Print Shop" and your webaddress could be "" (very expensive domain name by the way). Since it is important to have a web presence, it is important that when people intentionally type your name in the search box they should not get confusing results. It is even better when people unintentionally type something they want and your name would come on top. The second methods saves money in advertising.

In any case, building a brand recognition takes a life time of work. Start a good name that is wholesome and healthy, and you can dedicate your whole life to make that name known to the world or to target audience groups.

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May 20, 2020 at 11:46:28 AM

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