Any tips on how to get clients as a 18yo?

So during this quaratine I decided to start creating, managing and running FB ads for clients. I already have some experience, I spent a lot time learning it, and spend a lot of time practicing it for free.

Im 18yo, and I doing this part time, alongside my cs degree. I have some trouble getting clients because Im broke. I could easily get clients by running my own ads but i have 0$ on me. What are some good ways to get clients in your opinion?

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I was you 10 months ago. Now I have 3 High ticket clients paying me $5000/per month. That's $15k a month.

What I did?

1: Get on LinkedIn.

2: Find people in your niche.

3: You can get to the decision maker directly.

4: Make a video on how they can benefit from your services. How you can help them reach from point a to point b in x amount of time.

You don't need a website, but if you can afford, its good to have.

5: Educate your potential clients about stuff. Example here. Its fb ads. On how businesses can grow and scale 10x by using facebook ads. Teach them facebook ads. Not the whole blueprint. Just the fundamentals and basic.

6: Post articles on LinkedIn and educate them through articles.

7: Ask business owners what if you could help them reach point x, how much would that mean to you?

8: YOU NEED TO LEARN SELLING. You can have the best product on earth, but if you don't know about sales. Bad Luck you're gonna be broke as an wannapreneur.

9: Sales is all about psychology. How you can create fear, desire and interest into your services/products.

10: How did I get my Clients? Through LinkedIn. Optimise your LinkedIn profile. Write articles, engage with people. Put out video content and EDUCATE. The best way to reduce the price resistance is by having authority, How to gain authority? By educating.

11: Will you get clients overnight? NOPE. I had to invest 2-3 months on my sales pitch, on writing my own scripts. Making personalised videos. Out of 10 people only 1 would respond back. But as a beginner into entrepreneurship I had to do all this. Im 22 y/o btw.

12: If you need any help reach me out. Don't worry not gonna charge for anything. I'm always open to help out people. When I was of your age I wished someone would help me out. Now when I see someone struggle I feel that. Even I'm into Digital Marketing. Went through Tai's SMMA.

13: Bottomline: How to get clients? LinkedIn!

Write articles on how companies can grow from x to y by using your services.

Educate on the technologies, eg social media ads. Teach how to create ads and optimise it.

Learn how to use upwork (Will make your life easy when staring out).

Engage with the decision makers.

Use Video sales pitch.

Send it out to 10 people everyday.

DON'T SELL YOUR SERVICES WHILE PITCHING. Genuinely convey your message of how you can help them grow. Make sure you know your shit. If fb ads, make sure you know to run fb ads that generate results or use upwork (Worst case).

Other points

This is all you need op. It's better to focus on one thing 100% for now, this will achieve your goals if you do it right.

The main thing that worked for me, and I have an agency that does what you're doing, but mostly Google ads is do excellent work. Every client I've had refers me to at least 2 more and it's gold. I don't have to do sales really as you're brought in as an expert, referral deals for me have like a 95% close rate.

find a first client!

do you know a local business that needs help with spinning up ads? maybe the restaurant next door or the local mattress store.

go find these businesses, send cold emails asking to help. maybe for your first job, charge something small, and increase your rates from there.

good luck!
Try some in-person networking. You won't necessarily engage a large number of people, as with social media, but you have the opportunity to engage with people in a more personal fashion. There are plenty of options you might choose that are essentially free or very low cost (you can use Meetup to research some other options geographically close to you); here are some I've experienced:

(1) Service Core of Retired Executives [SCORE] ( it's essentially a mentoring organization for new businesses. Attend once of their free introductory seminars, and you will meet a number of new business executives, as well as your instructor (who despite the name of the organization, may be actively working). Many of the students may directly require help with marketing or social media, and the instructor may be able to refer you to clients as well.

(2) Toastmasters ( this organization is a very-well established organization that offers membership for a very low-cost to complete their certification processes, however you are not required to join to attend meetings. The focus of the organization is development of professional administration and communication skills - with a focus on public speaking. Again, this will generally be attended by business owners, professionals, and some students that are career-focused. Any of these may need services directly, might provide leads or referrals, or might offer you a chance for collaboration (e.g., you might meet another CS major or graduate that could collaborate with you on projects, or offer technical advice).

(3) Chamber of Commerce (varies by your locality): as with options (1) and (2), you will have an opportunity to meet business owners, and other professional service agents. [I've planned to attend an event in my area, but haven't yet done so.]
I too am 18 years old. Here are some things I've learned through my journey as a green entrepreneur:

Building up a bit of startup capital is worth every shitty hour. I worked as a machinist in a shop for a few months to build up a bit of money to launch with. Mind you, I am not someone who works inside the box well and have a creative personality, so this was akin to a prostate exam for me. However it was the best paying job I was qualified for so I took it. With that, I made enough to register my LLC with the state ($100 in Idaho), advertise and buy all of the necessary tooling and materials ($2000 total in my case). This money gives you the ability to get your name out and it gives you the leeway to cover unexpected expenses.

Do your research. There will be bumps in the road but you can mitigate the discomfort by doing some cursory research on the interwebs. I bought a machine early on that did not have the power do what I demanded of it. I ended up wasting a lot of time and money on the machine when I ended up selling it and buying the proper machine anyway. Additionally, I ordered the wrong part for my engraver so it ended up costing me an extra $120 to fix it.

Spread the word about your business like corona. Tell your friends, your family, random people on the street. Find a way to work it into conversations. YOU ARE ALWAYS HUSTLING. Every sale is precious.

Spend the time on your SEO. It's worth it.

Know your competitors. The market is about competition but it's also about avoiding it. If there are big businesses in your field that you cannot compete with, then don't. Find your niche that sets you apart and roll with it. Don't be the same product as your competitor, differentiate enough to have some inherent advantage.

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Chang Liu

Sales happen when people allow you to provide.


May 21, 2020, 1:34:48 PM

Chang Liu

Many startups ends without ever seeing sales happen.


May 10, 2020, 2:17:59 PM

Chang Liu

Startup is not about realizing your dream. It is to help your paying customers realize their dreams.


May 7, 2020, 12:55:50 PM

Chang Liu

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