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I just graduated with a soft business school degree. What skills should I learn?

Hi Reddit,

I've just graduated from an undergraduate business school, which means I graduated without a HARD skill per se. I now have 6 months of free time before I start work and am trying to decide on how to spend them. I'll be working in consulting for two years, but then my goal is to join early-stage startups and eventually start my own down the line.

With that in mind, I'd like to work on something that will help me down the line. I've considered learning photoshop/design but figured this is something that can be outsourced for cheap and could be not the best use of my time as there are so many photoshop-skilled people out there. I am interested in learning more about coding and have previously taken intro courses, but I am unsure about whether 6 months would give me sufficient proficiency to even be useful? I've also considered working remotely unpaid for an interesting start-up, but felt like I could find more valuable things to spend the summer on given remote/corona work may not be the best learning environment. Lastly, I've considered taking the CFA to get a deeper understanding of the financial end of the stick. I think I'm trying to work on building hard skills but I'm not sure where to go.

Those are the ideas I've had for now and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or better ideas on what I could do for the next 6 months. Thank you!

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Sales, not sure how’d you get experience without a job or a product/service to sell.

Marketing, learn the Facebook advertising platform.

Coding, work your way through

Finance, learn Quickbooks.

Project management, learn about scrum and a tool like Trello.

Few off the top of my head.

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There were two pieces of recent news that is interesting, one is an opinion of Dallos Mavick's own Mark Cuban. One is today's TED talk on 25 TED talk people discuss the advices they wish they heard at their commencement. One advice directly answers your question there. Good luck. u/theRJMurray is right on coding and salesmanship. There are many things to learn, but AI, selling and branding are the things that count.

I’m not sure 6 months of coding would be useful to you at all. It takes a year or more of intense daily learning to even get to a point where you have any skills worth using. Not to mention time in a job would tell you what kind of coding you would need and how much.

I can’t see a Baine consultant ever needing html/css but I can see them using design software to create better pitch decks for clients. So brush up on Excel, Keynote and data visualization is my reccomendation.

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May 7, 2020 at 12:26:56 AM

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