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Hello everyone! I've joined a team of students using our summer to create a startup. As we work on our concept and begin the development of our platform we would greatly benefit from any feedback. If you’d be willing to take 5 minutes to complete the following google survey I’d really appreciate it and it would help us immensely! A description of the business is included in the survey. Thanks in advance and please reach out with any questions! -- Welcome to The Executive Table LLC. As a company, we plan to implement a web-based platform that encourages student and professional entrepreneurship by connecting users based on a portfolio users create and manage. As users begin coming up with ideas, they search for other users, and by exploring their portfolio, gauge whether to reach out and pursue a startup idea with them. The Executive Table will provide a pre-startup platform to connect people who have business ideas they’d like to pursue but lack the team to complete them.

We also understand that not everyone is interested in pursuing a startup idea right away so we also want to use our platform as a professional resource for both recruitment and skill-building.

On the recruitment level, either personal users or startups can express interest in one another to fill roles within the startup company.

In regards to skill-building and contrary to other professional networking platforms, users can have more personal connections with one another by discussing professional goals, providing each other resources/support, and coming together to build professional skills.

If you have a moment we would ask that you fill out this brief 3-5 minute survey so we can gauge better what features and aspects a user would desire on our platform.

Thank you for your time and we hope to see you back when the official website is released online.

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Tell people WHO EXACTLY is your customer and what UNIQUE value you bring to them. In the first line. You lost me on the second line.

When you startup*, you start up a business. A business is selling. You provide value and get paid. A startup is not a "kindness good deeds" or a "guess" "motive" "offer" or anything of that. If you can't keep your dream fed with money, your dream does not li

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I have to say after reading your header text I still do not understand what you sell. What's in it for me? Are you sure you want to start building your platform now before making that clear?

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May 9, 2020 at 6:48:13 PM

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