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Looking for inspiration. Can you share a time when you succeeded despite selling an obviously subpar product?

This situation can come in many forms

Perhaps its due to a lack of differentiation yet being more expensive. Perhaps your product has no "image" attached to it. Or maybe it just delivers a subpar result. Given such a situation, how have you overcome heck thrived despite such challenges?

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If your product has low quality, sell to people who don't care about quality at cut throat price.

Many companies and products are gutter balls. You can not sell what you can make, and you can not make what can sell.

One competitors of ours spend money to get ranking, and bought all negative reviews. And they are doing OK with 100% fake products.

The number one reason startups fail is lack of preparation. The preparation is the first failure.

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July 16, 2020 at 2:06:49 AM

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