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Can you share your best reading list for early stage startups?

Last week, our little pet project was treated to an informal call w/ an early employee from a business you'd recognize – and while we learned a few things about their experiences and thought of a few new angles to approach our business, by the far the *best* thing to come out of it was seeing the team energized by having someone with legit credibility in the startup world.

I'd like to capitalize and encourage that energy, and I'm wondering if you guys have any great reading you would share that really struck a chord with you in the early 'GSD' days!

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5 ways to build a $100 million dollar business
Christoph Janz explains the link between pricing and go-to-market strategy.

Why Product-Market fit is not enough
This the first of a five-part series where Brian Balfour addresses the often-overlooked importance of channels and business models when building a startup.

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Startup is a multistage, multi faceted, multi year engagement of no return. Every book contributes a little, but some books are more "cult cultivation" than real substance straight-to-the-point. Good books never advertise themselves. The ones with a lot of reading are only for beginners. Unfortunately for startup it is important to know how to end things before you start.
They made America - how famous American inventions and startups got them right despite all challenges.
Starting a business for dummies - don't be fooled by its name - it has a good over arching view that is priceless.
Straight talks for startups - 100 rules for breaking the rules. Violate any rule at your own regret later.

Listen to the Gimlet podcast series called 'Start Up', it follows the progress of their own business journey using recordings they make all the way through. I took a lot from it.
The E-Myth! It took me a while to read it because I thought it had to do with the internet... but it’s about the entrepreneur myth and I WISH I would’ve read it before starting my business.

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May 19, 2020 at 1:01:37 PM

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