Breaking up.

I just said "I'm out" to my best friend. Fuck it hurts. Appologies for the number "I" in this post. This is all from my perspective, so it seemed fitting.

He approached me a few years ago with an idea. I said yes, because I wanted to help him. Seemed like I could bring value. What I ended up having to do was way more than we'd originally talked about, and in an area I don't really have the passion to be on weekends for years at end. I thought this would be a year, but it never seems to get anywhere.

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just said "I'm out" to my best friend. Fuck it hurts. Appologies for the number "I" in this post. This is all from my perspective, so it seemed fitting.

He approached me a few years ago with an idea. I said yes, because I wanted to help him. Seemed like I could bring value. What I ended up having to do was way more than we'd originally talked about, and in an area I don't really have the passion to be on weekends for years at end. I thought this would be a year, but it never seems to get anywhere.

I could have done more. I could have done it differently. But I'm a quitter, and 2-3 years is my attention span, it seems. This had been brewing for a while, and it just wasn't leading to where I want to be in a few years. Better break up now, before I waste more of his time.

I have no idea how this will affect our friendship. I asked in the beginning if he really thought it was a good idea to do business, based on general advice people give. He said "yes," and I just wanted to help. Short term, this will feel awful. Hopefully/probably time heals the wounds. I keep telling myself to separate the work from the friendship, but it's hard.

Don't get in business bed with your friends. Or at least set very clear expectations and boundaries. Lesson learned.

Anyone been in a similar situation? What else should I take away from this?

When I quit my last day job, I managed to startle my manager. Got a pale face and blank stare back. That was in person. I told myself I'd ease in the conversation next time. Especially over the phone. And yet, here I am after dropping the bomb in our regular check-up meeting. How does one quit in a nice way?

Other points

I've always used this pattern:

--Thanks for the opportunity

--Stick to your guns

--Use the past as documentation/"evidence" of what the future holds; not promises from the other party

--Be sure to stress/specify that this is not a hostile thing, but a mental health/life thing. You are leaving due to _____ not because you hate that person or the idea or whatever. If you're not happy, you're not happy. That person should want to see you happy.

--If you are really that valuable to the idea, then take a quarter off and ask them to come up with a half year business/tech plan. What do you need to accomplish over the next few months in order to really make some headway?

If your friend and your old manager were both surprised, I have to ask: Why?

It sounds to me like you (like many, many men in this day and age) have a hard time communicating your feelings and prefer to stoically slog through until things get better.

This is why most Lean/Agile methodologies put special emphasis on taking time to re-evaluate processes periodically, and to immediately address any that are actively harming product quality.

If your manager knows you're unhappy for reasons X, Y, and Z then you can work together to fix that. If you're suffering in silence, no one is ever going to know enough to help.

I have. You can still be friends. If they can't separate business and personal life, welp, they're probably not a good friend anyways. Don't bother bringing negatives up to them unless they specifically ask for feedback, just drop it. It's a business idea that didn't work out, it's not like somebody stole from each other or lied about it. He'll probably follow you out not so long from now, it's probably not getting good results for him either.

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Knowing 99% is knowing nothing.


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Failure does not exist.


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Business is a game of specialization.

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bold vs stupid

Bold is do the right thing that no one agrees and hard. Stupid is to do the wrong things that a few agrees and impossible.

business plan

business plan

A business plan has two parts, the aspiration and the traction. A business plan is about two parts: how the business runs, and how to start that business.

business plan

business plan and exit

The plan to reach the exit, including unknown uncertainties that will surely happen.

business model

business model

How to turn an interest into a money maker. How to attract people, how to stimulate people to pay, how to make profit, how to make relations, how to keep relations.

value proposition

value proposition

How much do I have to give my audience so they can pay me something in return? What do they value? what problem do they search for answers on your own? I want to solve that problem.



You may like your dream, but if you have to suffer tremendous set backs to realize your dream, would you give up?



You may like to startup, but you may not the business you startup


due diligence

VC or investor check. Include standard items 1. Did you quit your job; 2. Did your cofounder quit his job; 3. is your sales validated.



Protect and provide. And gets loved.



When you finally connect what you love to do to what a lot of people love to buy. When you can focus all you want and still have unlimited work and fun.


founder and CEO

A founder is not a CEO, until the company is making money and profit enough to stay alive on its own.



After you have a sale or a market hit, you ran into all kinds of accidental discoveries that you never knew exist.


Marketing vs. sales

Marketing makes the first sale happen. The sales department work on the rest.



A general or CEO or founder who is tolerant and generous. Someone who recognizes own mistakes. Someone with big heart for hiring people better than him.



Brand means name recognition. A lot of people knows what your company does and what you stand for. Brand is result of long campaign of consistent value provision and media cultivation. Brand helps a company reduce marketing cost.



Whether there are buyer willing to pay or not. For that to happen you must provide extreme value. The entire startup process would be based on guess before the validation. Validation happens in a market, not on the street.



Value is what you give customers beyond the price you charge. Value is effective solution to a problem. The price your customer pays reflects whether the problem is big for them and whether your solution is uniquely effective. Value stems from quality and detailed work.



Marketing means bring your product to the market and bring your message to your customer. Marketing is not salesmanship. Marketing is to penetrate the world of commerce through many barriers and existing networks.


Widgety MVP

A "MVP" wanna-be that is still at the widget stage. Lacking ability to demonstrate effects, only projected effects.



Minimally viable business, or MVC, minimally viable company. A company that scrapes by, full of guess and hope and no traction and sales. When you give your customers things for free they all take it. But they never pay and you can never rent a table at the market.



Minimal viable product. A full artifact of a real product. Something that works ALL THE TIME. You can demonstrate the real effect on real people - not to sell hope. The MVP may not have certain non-essential bells and whistles, but it needs to have appeal value.


Customer is king

A business lives at the mercy of its customers. You provide your customers 10 dollars worth of value and they pay you 1 dollar, not knowing that your company only costs 99 cents to provide the item. The value is not the item - the value is what is attached to the item.


Cash Flow Is King

A company needs to have daily activities to keep employees busy and engaged. Otherwise the good ones will leave.


Company culture

Company culture is based on a company making money. Once your workers are paid, they need to have a mission and aspiration so they are not bored everyday and make trouble in the work place.


Take a stand

Tell people what you stand for, clearly and loudly, and those who like you will come to your stand. Others will walk by and shake their heads.



Veterans do things their way, because they know all the naysayers are just beginners and by-standers.



When you find a full universe within a grain of sand, a life time of work to do by focusing on one thing. There is enough people behind you to support your living and cause.



People's reaction when they know you have done something they could never do And they know this is not accident because you have done it a number of times.


Company valuation

A company valuation is cash investment divided by the percentage. As long as your story is good, the valuation will keep coming, and the investors will keeping falling into the line.


Return on investment

Investors are either behind family fortune (never work with them) or for rich clients as investment vehicle. Both need returns 2-3 times better than stock market darlings.


Due diligence

A thorough validation of everything you said.



Someone wanting to build a lean startup by projecting, offering, and test.



Having found what people want, not just what people may need. Your offering and their acceptance is sure, no longer a guess. You can provide it for profit, and you can indeed making living on it. Traction is sometimes called validation. You are no longer a theater. You have touched nature, and found cash vein.



Natural love.



Things to make sure the founder will not fall into despair, boredom or get distracted during the long execution even in face of repeated setbacks.



Insanely high value/solution to price ratio



Ability to walk long distance in the dark.



A complete shift of the supply chain and value provision.


Game changer

A new value provision that causes supply chain to move and customers getting more value for the same price.



Mission is how to beat loneliness during startup, mission is why your employees get up in the morning.